We are required to assess the potential sites for housing development in our parish.

These are the parcels of land put forward by landowners in response to a “call for sites” for Ashford Borough Council’s Local Plan 2030 or our Neighbourhood Plan Survey.

Ashford Borough Council Local Plan 2030

Ashford Borough Council has written a Local Plan for the Borough, up to 2030.  The Local Plan is an important document that makes site allocations for different development uses and sets out criteria-based policies to facilitate planning decisions. The Local Plan must identify sufficient land to provide for any new jobs and homes to 2030, as well as for Gypsy & Traveller sites, Leisure, Retail, Visitor and Tourism facilities.

At the end of 2017 Ashford Borough Council submitted their Local Plan to the Secretary of State to be examined by an independent Planning Inspector. The examination ran from April to August 2018. On 13 September 2018 Ashford Borough Council will launch a six week public consultation on the “Main Modifications” to the Local Plan arising from the examination.

Potential housing development sites in our parish

Ashford Borough Council is required to assess all of the potential sites in the Borough, to determine if they could be suitable for allocation for these future developments and facilities within their Local Plan. This is called a Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA). Sites for assessment must come from a variety of sources, including vacant land, surplus public sector land, existing allocations, and through a ‘call for sites’ to all landowners in the Borough.

Between July 2013 and May 2014, Ashford Borough Council invited developers to submit details of any sites that were available for development for possible allocation in the Council’s Local Plan 2030. The sites put forward that fall within the boundary of our parish are listed below. For further information visit the Ashford Borough Council website.

Boughton Aluph and Eastwell sites:

Name, location Development Ref
Lenacre Hall Farm, Sandyhurst Lane 100+ dwellings, leisure and sheltered housing BAE1
Former Sandpit, Sandyhurst Lane 15 dwellings BAE2
Braehead, Sandyhurst Lane 5 dwellings BAE5
Land adjacent to Gardeners House, Faversham Road, Boughton Lees 4 dwellings * BAE3
Land at Rook Toll off Faversham Road 6 dwellings BAE4

* Site previously proposed for leisure/tourism use.

Sites that fall within Boughton Aluph and Eastwell and Bockhanger Wards:

Ashford Golf Club, Sandyhurst Lane 100+ dwellings and associated uses BBAE1
Land at Eureka Park, Goat Lees 300+ dwellings, commercial and flexible use BBAE2
Sites in Goat Lees, Sandyhurst Lane & Lenacre Street
Potential sites Goat Lees 3



Sites in Boughton Lees

Potential sites Boughton Lees

Sites included in the Ashford Local Plan 2030

Of the 7 sites in our parish submitted by local landowners for inclusion in the Council’s Local Plan only the Eureka Park site [BBAE2] has been included in Ashford Borough Council’s Local Plan. The site, which falls partially within our parish, is earmarked as a strategic site for the Borough. Plans include 375 new homes to be accessed from Trinity Road plus 20 hectares of commercial development.

Although the remaining 6 sites in our parish have not been proposed for development in the Council’s draft Local Plan, with the exception of site Ashford Golf Course [BBAE1] they have been included in a list of “housing sites remaining for land supply or for other uses”†. If located within a designated Neighbourhood Planning area, these sites must be assessed as part of the Neighbourhood Planning process. Once assessed a Neighbourhood Plan can allocate a site (or sites) for development to meet an identified local housing need.

Other development sites put forward in response to the Neighbourhood Plan Survey

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan Survey we issued our own “call for sites” to landowners with a site in the parish which might be available for development in the years up to 2030 and which they would like to be considered as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process. Two sites were put forward:

  • Land adjacent to El Ashere, Wye Road leading to Kempes Corner, Boughton Aluph
  • Land adjacent to Aluph House, Pilgrims Way, Boughton Aluph

We have assessed these two sites alongside the 5 put forward for the Local Plan.


Appendices 5 and 7 which relate to the Strategic Housing and Land Availability Assessment of the Local Plan 2030 Evidence Base.

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