Consultation with the community is a legal prerequisite for producing the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan will pass through a number of key consultation stages. We want to hear your views.  Without your input the project cannot succeed.

As a starting point, we need you to tell us:

  • what is good about our area?
  • what is bad about our area?
  • what makes our neighbourhood good to live and work in?
  • what pressures affect our area now or in the future?
  • what needs to change?

These were the questions we asked at our four informal community consultation events which took place in September 2015, as part of a discussion of local issues and the potential development sites in our neighbourhood.

See the results of the consultation.

If you weren’t able to attend one of our open days, you can still tell us what you think using the Comment boxes on this website.

Consultation statement

We have developed a Consultation and Engagement Strategy for the Neighbourhood Plan. This will enable us to produce a Consultation Statement, a statutory part of the package of information to be submitted to the Independent Examiner. A copy of the completed strategy paper will be available here shortly.

The Consultation Statement is a document which:

  • Contains the details of the persons and bodies who were consulted about the proposed Neighbourhood Plan;
  • Explains how they were consulted;
  • Summarises the main issues and concerns raised by the persons consulted; and
  • Describes how these issues and concerns have been considered and, where relevant, addressed in the Neighbourhood Plan.



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