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#1 – June 2015  Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #1
#2 – August 2015  Our Plan: Our Future,  Newsletter #2
#3 – September 2015  Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #3
#4 – October 2015 Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #4
#5 – November 2015 Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #5
#6 – January 2016 Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #6
#7 – March 2016 Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #7
#8 – May 2016 Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #8
#9 – July 2016 Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #9
#10 – October 2016 Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #10
#11 – August 2017 Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #11
#12 – November 2017 Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #12
#13 – April 2018 Our Plan: Our Future, Newsletter #13
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2 thoughts on “Newsletter

  • March 25, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    Having been a resident of Kempe’s Corner for the last 30-something years I have recently retired hoping for a restful and peaceful time in my garden. Unfortunately there is a house being built directly opposite ours and very close to the road so that when I open my curtains I look directly into 6 windows, which will, of course, look directly into mine. The builder is planning a further string of houses on the same side of the road. Now I discover that the field at the edge of our row of houses is up for sale and will quite probably be built on (why else would anyone want a piece of land of that size, in that position). Furthermore, an orchard by the Chapel is being grubbed up, probably with the same intent. Just one comment (there are many more I could make) – the crossroads at Kempe’s Corner cannot cope with all this extra usage. Does anyone know what is really happening in Wye Road?

    • March 28, 2017 at 1:57 pm

      Thank you Sue for taking the time to tell us about your concerns about development on Wye Road and its impact on Kempes Corner.

      Ashford Borough Council granted planning permission to the landowner to build a new house in their garden in October 2016. We are aware of a possible future planning application by the landowner to develop six houses on adjacent land but, to our knowledge, no planning application has been submitted. The landowner put the site forward for allocation in our Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council took the view that it is not minded to support development on the site. The overwhelming feedback from residents to our household survey was the importance of protecting and preserving the special rural nature and character of our parish. The Parish Council took the view that development of the site as proposed would be disproportionate development, an extension of the natural boundary of the Kempes Corner hamlet and highly visible and out of character with existing housing which is interspersed by views. With poor public transport links and no local amenities and services within walking distance, its location does not support the housing need identified by parish residents for smaller homes for downsizing or starter homes and some affordable housing.

      We do not know whether development would be permitted on the field that is currently up for sale close to Kempes Corner. The agricultural land forms part of the Boughton Lees horticultural valley which is land designated as a Landscape Character Area by Ashford Borough Council. As such, there will be safeguards to ensure that the character of the area is not compromised or damaged by development.

      We understand that a section of the orchard by the Baptist Chapel has been donated to create a car park to help reduce parking on the roadside.


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