Welcome to Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Parish Council’s website for our Neighbourhood Plan.

Creating a Neighbourhood Plan will allow our community to help shape and guide future land use and development in our parish up to 2030. We can have a say in how housing, the boundaries of our communities, the quality and scale of planning and design, business growth, the protection of green space and landscape, and the provision of local facilities are managed and contained. It is not just about the future but preserving and protecting what we value from the past, both in the built landscape and the green spaces within our communities and between and around our settlements. We have so much to be proud of.

I hope you will enjoy browsing the website which is updated regularly to show you our progress at every stage as we create our Neighbourhood Plan. You can also add your comments. I very much look forward to reading what you have to say and seeing some lively debate. For those who want to know more about the process you will find a rich source of background information. You can also find out more about the volunteers who are working with the Parish Council to produce the Plan. If you would like to get involved, we would welcome your help.

By harnessing the wealth of talent within our community, I believe we can produce a Neighbourhood Plan of which we can all be proud. My fellow Parish Councillors and I also hope that the Plan can become a focus for building a strong community spirit and promoting a sense of neighbourliness and togetherness throughout our parish.

I urge you all to give your support to this important initiative. Together, we will shape the future of our community.

Spencer Phillips
Chairman, Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Parish Council


Message of support from former Housing & Planning Minister, Brandon Lewis MP

“I am delighted that the Parish Council for Boughton Aluph and Eastwell is taking up the opportunity to create a Neighbourhood Plan and I encourage local people to participate.

“The Government has put power back into the hands of local people through neighbourhood plans, giving communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area.

“So far, over 1500 communities have taken advantage of neighbourhood planning and over 80 referendums have taken place, with nearly 9 out of 10 voters saying yes.”

September 2015

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