Respondents to the Neighbourhood Plan Survey flagged 9,030 concerns about traffic and road safety on roads across our parish.

In response we are consulting on possible solutions to local traffic and road safety problems so that the Parish Council can petition Kent County Council Highways with a traffic management plan for our parish based on the preferred option(s) of residents.

To start this process, on 5 November 2016, we held was a joint event with Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Residents’ Association to ask residents of Boughton Lees and Boughton Aluph to consider what traffic management solutions will help to improve road safety in and around the village. You can see a copy of the presentation here.

Results of Boughton Aluph consultation

60 people attended the consultation event. 55 completed a questionnaire. Respondents were asked to rank six potential traffic management options in order of importance and then to prioritise the options. The results were as follows:

Highest priority

More than half of respondents wanted a reduction in local speed limits by ranking it as their first or second priority. Lower speed limits were the top priority for more than twice as many people than any other option. Respondents ranked the three speed limit options in the following order of importance:

  • 20mph on residential sections of Wye Road, The Lees and Pilgrims Way
  • 30mph on Wye Road between the Baptist Chapel and Kempes Corner
  • 30mph on the residential stretch of A251 Faversham Road through Boughton Lees
Lowest priority

Nearly half of respondents ranked the creation of a shared space on Wye Road as being in their bottom two priorities.

Ranking of other options

Other options are so close that one has to look at how they ranked in people’s top three priorities, which broadly shows the order of support as:

  • Introducing traffic islands on A251 Faversham Road
  • Redesign the junction of The Lees and Wye Road
  • Junction control by traffic lights or roundabout at Kempes Corner
  • Redesign the junction of A251 Faversham Road and The Lees

You can read all of the comments we received here. If you missed the event or want to say something about the results of the consultation, please post a comment below.


Respondents were asked how they might be prepared to help us to bring about change. We received 48 offers of help ranging from signing a petition to joining a campaign group. Thank you.

Next steps

There are, of course, traffic problems elsewhere in the parish which we will be looking at next, including a school crossing and road safety measures on Trinity Road. Our aim is to help the Parish Council to develop a traffic management strategy for the whole parish.

Final decisions on traffic management solutions are a matter for the highways authority and will be subject to available funding. Once a strategy has been agreed which has the support of local people, we will work to secure funding to implement it. The project might be included in the Neighbourhood Plan as a candidate for some of the Community Interest Levy (CIL) funds that may come from new development in our parish.

Have your say

It’s not too late to feed in your views. We want to hear your ideas for traffic management solutions to improve road safety in our parish. Please add your comments below. Your input is essential. We will need to demonstrate the support of residents if we are to bring about change.

If you want to volunteer to help us, please email

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3 thoughts on “Traffic & Road Safety Consultation

  • November 28, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    I feel that redesigning the junction of The Lees and A251 Faversham Road may not be appropriate and I think that a reduction in the speed limit to and from Kennington and Challock on the A251 to 30 mph would be the better option.

  • November 28, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    I was unable to attend the consultation on November 5th as still in plaster from foot surgery, but I had seen the outline presentation given to the Residents Association Committee a few weeks earlier. I strongly support a reduction in speed limits on the A251, and associated possible changes to the redesign of junctions between Lees and Wye Road and the Lees and Faversham Road. The speed of traffic especially on the A251 is far in excess of the 40 mph speed limit with traffic flows on the Wye Road having increased substantially in the last few years, the pinch points of the junction with Pilgrims Way/Wye and Lees Road have become increasingly dangerous to both pedestrians, road users including cyclists and horse riders. Kempes Corner at the other end of the Wye Road is another extremely dangerous crossing point again due to traffic speed on the A28 and a concealed dip in the road from the Canterbury side.

  • December 13, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    I feel a roundabout at Kempes Corner is a great idea. Essential for the morning & evening traffic but a general speed calming tool.

    The Green /Wye Road junction is a nightmare. I recon about 50% of drivers turning left onto the Green do not signal they are doing so. As a walker & driver I must always be aware of this. Maybe the proposed alteration to the junction will help.

    My real problem is the A251/ Green junction. I would love to have that as a no through road from the A251. The A251/ Lees Road junction is getting so congested with parked cars. (mea culpa, I admit) and the traffic will only increase when the new house at Manor Cottage is completed. The exit & entrance to that dwelling will be a nightmare. Please reconsider this as a No Entry.


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