A heartfelt thank you to everyone that took part in our four community consultation events held in Goat Lees, Boughton Lees and Sandyhurst Lane in September 2015.

Participants were asked to add their comments to our display boards. You took up the challenge and left us with 932 post-it notes, some covering more than one topic. These were entered into a spreadsheet, allowing us to complete an analysis of your comments.  The bar chart below shows the total number of comments for each topic. Click to enlarge.

Number of comments bar chart

You gave us some very thoughtful responses. There seems to be consensus around a number of issues making it possible to identify some emerging themes. Likewise, the sub-categories in the bar charts below have emerged from your comments rather than being imposed by us.

While we want to share this information with you, it represents only a snapshot of the views and opinions of the contributors to the community consultation events which took place in September 2015 (and does not necessarily represent the views of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee or Parish Council).

A survey questionnaire will be sent out to every household in the parishes in March 2016. The results of which will be analysed by an independent consultant.

Housing & Future Development

Housing and development bar chart
Read all of your comments on Housing and Future Development.

Potential Development Sites

Potential sites chart 2

Find out more about the Potential Development Sites in our parishes. Read all of your comments on the Potential Development Sites.

Traffic & Transport

Traffic and transport bar chart

Transport locations bar chart
Read all of your comments about Traffic and Transport.


Environment bar chart
Read all of your comments on the Environment.

Our Heritage

Heritage bar chart
Read all of your comments on Heritage.

Community Services, Culture & Leisure

Community bar chart
Read all of your comments on Community Services, Culture and Leisure.

Business & Employment

Business and employment bar chart
Read all of your comments on Business and Employment.

Connectivity & Infrastructure

Connectivity and infrastructure bar chart
Read all of your comments on Connectivity and Infrastructure.

Draft Vision Statement

We also asked you for your thoughts on a draft Vision Statement for the Neighbourhood Plan. Read the draft Vision Statement and see your comments.


If you have any questions or comments, please add them to the Comments box at the bottom of this page or email us.

Thank you for your comments

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