Site description

The site (shown on the map as BAE1) is located along the northern edge of Sandyhurst Lane as it climbs to join the A251. Currently a working farm, the site is mainly grassed agricultural land used for grazing with an area of ancient woodland. There are mature hedgerows and tree boundaries within the site and along the roadside. A spring, 3 ponds and associated drains can be found within the site. On its eastern edge the site abuts the rear gardens of houses in Lenacre Street. To the west the site borders the playing fields of Sandyhurst Lane Sports Club, and to the north, open countryside.

The landowners have selected a developer who has won awards for edge of village and town developments. Plans are still fluid but will likely comprise c.100 new homes of varying size covering c.70% of the site. These will be positioned round a central green space/wildlife corridor. The initial plans propose two points of entry to the site, one close to Lenacre Street and a second close to the entrance to Sandyacres.

The site is c. 10.8 ha.

Site map
Site assessment & decision

The Parish Council was not minded to consider this site for land allocation in the Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Neighbourhood Plan. The landowner was informed of the Parish Council’s decision.

The Parish Council is not a planning authority. Our decision does preclude a planning application being made to Ashford Borough Council.

Read our site assessment report.

Read our decision letter.

Recent developments

An application was made to Ashford Borough Council for an Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Opinion (ref. 17/00005/EIA/AS) on 6 July 2017.

Ashford Borough Council’s decision on 27 July 2017 was that an Environmental Impact Assessment is not required.

Planning application 17/01613/AS for this site was submitted to Ashford Borough Council by Millwood Designer Homes Ltd on 23 October 2017. This is a hybrid application for 89 new residential dwellings comprising:

  • a full planning application for 21 new dwellings, access, drainage and landscaping to the south of the site with new road access next to the entrance to Sandyacres; and
  • an outline planning application with all matters reserved except for access for the development of up to 68 new dwellings with associated access, landscaping, open space and community orchard on land to the north and west of the site (behind Sandyhurst Lane and Lenacre Street) with new road access to the rear of gardens on Lenacre Street.

In March 2018, Millwood Designer Homes Ltd submitted a second planning application (18/00413/AS) to build 21 new homes on part of the Lenacre Hall Farm site.

The second planning application was considered by Ashford Borough Council’s Planning Committee at their meeting on 18 July 2018. The application was REFUSED. 

The developer has submitted an appeal against this decision which was heard on 19 November 2019. The appeal was DISMISSED, details can be read on the Ashford Borough Council planning portal.

A decision has not been taken on the original larger hybrid application 17/01613/AS.

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