Site description

The site is located along the southern edge of Sandyhurst Lane adjacent to the Braehead site. Located south of 200 and east of 198 Sandyhurst Lane (shown on the map as BAE2), it is set back from the Lane and is not visible from the road. It is currently accessed from a private track adjacent to May Cottage. The site is rural in nature, surrounded by agricultural fields to the south and north west. It may be that at some future point the site may abut development on the Eureka Park site as set out in Ashford Borough Council’s Local Plan 2030. A former sand quarry, the site is grassed in the centre, with tree and hedgerow boundaries. The land is relatively flat, rising up steeply to the south east and south west boundaries.

The site is c. 2.1 ha.

Site map


Site assessment & decision

The Parish Council was not minded to consider this site for land allocation in the Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Neighbourhood Plan. The landowner was informed of the Parish Council’s decision.

Read our site assessment report.

The Parish Council is not a planning authority. Our decision does preclude a planning application being made to Ashford Borough Council.

Recent developments

Planning application 17/01636/AS for this site was submitted to Ashford Borough Council on 27 October 2017. The application was for outline planning permission for a developer-led custom-build residential development of up to 18 dwellings, open space and landscaping, wildlife habitat reserve, new access to Sandyhurst Lane, parking, engineering (including ground modelling) works and infrastructure, with appearance, landscaping and scale reserved for future determination.

On 18 June 2018, the applicant wrote to Ashford Borough Council to withdraw the planning application while they reconsider the scheme.

A new application for outline planning permission 18/01554/AS was submitted to Ashford Borough Council on 19 October 2018. This aapplication was withdrawn by the applicant in November 2020.

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