Site description

The site is located on the southern edge of Sandyhurst Lane (outlined in red). It is rural in nature, surrounded by agricultural fields to the south and north west, although it may be that at some future point the site may abut new development at Eureka Park as set out in in Ashford Borough Council’s draft Local Plan 2030. The site currently consists of a residential property and curtilage of 0.9ha. It is set back from Sandyhurst Lane and is not visible from the road. It is accessed by a private track adjacent to May Cottage. The site slopes from the north east down towards the south west. There is a sharp drop in level at the northern boundary towards a small stream. On the west, just beyond the boundary, land falls away steeply in the Former Sandpit. The site contains some mature trees, including along its southern boundary.

The landowner proposed building 4-5 dwellings on the site adjacent to the existing house.

Site map

Site assessment & decision

The Parish Council was not minded to consider this site for land allocation in the Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Neighbourhood Plan. The landowner was informed of the Parish Council’s decision.

The Parish Council is not a planning authority. Our decision does preclude a planning application being made to Ashford Borough Council.

Read our site assessment report.

Read our decision letter.

Recent developments

Planning application 17/01478/AS for development on this site was submitted to Ashford Borough Council on 28 September 2017. The application was for outline planning permission for one single 4 bed detached chalet bungalow with access and a double garage/carport. Ashford Borough Council granted outline planning permission for the single dwelling.

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