We are sharing our Village Envelope with you in draft so that you can add your comments.

A Village Envelope is not defined for Boughton Lees in the emerging Ashford Borough Local Plan 2030. It is similarly not defined in the adopted Ashford Borough Local Plan (2000) or the Tenterden and Rural Sites DPD (2010).

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) makes clear distinctions between built up areas and the countryside and a clear definition of a Village Envelope will help distinguish between the built up area of Boughton Lees and the surrounding countryside.


The Ordnance Survey Map, aerial photography, local knowledge and site visits have been used to plot the proposed Village Envelope around Boughton Lees. A number of guiding principles were applied to ensure a consistent and comprehensive approach.

Guiding Principles

The principles have been created to provide consistency in defining the built up area around the village boundary.

  • The Village Envelope should generally follow defined physical features such as roads, footpaths, hedges and field boundaries.
  • The Village Envelope should follow the whole curtilage of properties unless this would create a boundary inconsistent with the general pattern of development in that location. Where the curtilage of a property contains a separate and distinct paddock routinely used for grazing, this has been excluded from the Village Envelope. Where a property has a long garden which opens onto countryside views, the boundary has been drawn closer to the property.
  • The Village Envelope should be defined where the continuous and contiguous development ceases and the character of the area changes from being ‘built up’ and belonging to the character of the built up area, to being ‘rural’ or ‘loose-knit’ and more akin to the countryside. In some cases there is an abrupt change of character, where the built up area may abut, for example, woodland or open countryside. In other cases a change of character occurs between more grouped development to more sporadic, loose-knit development, isolated buildings or buildings forming part of a wider country estate. This change in character is the point at which boundaries should be defined.
  • The Village Envelope should include open spaces which are predominantly encompassed by the built form and which are also well defined by strong boundary features.
  • Where applicable, the boundary should be drawn to include extant planning consents within the Village Envelope. This signifies clearly that the principle of development has been accepted within the area where development has been permitted.

Boughton Lees Village Envelope
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