Community Services, Culture and Leisure is one of 8 topics we have researched to provide evidence in support of our Neighbourhood Plan.

Read our Community Services, Culture and Leisure Evidence Paper

To investigate this topic, we have:

  • Researched what community services, culture and leisure facilities are already available in our parish.
  • Identified any existing local issues. For example, examining the adequacy of local leisure facilities and play areas plus an assessment of future needs.
  • Scoped out what evidence is already available.
  • Found out about any existing plans, strategies and programmes and their relationship to community services, culture and leisure and the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Identified any gaps in the evidence base and consider whether any further research needs to be undertaken or reports commissioned.
  • Identified any local key players on this topic to engage in the Neighbourhood Planning process.

Based on our consultation and research, we have come up with the following objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan.

To promote well-being and healthy living.

To protect and enhance recreation open space and community halls.

To protect and, where possible, to grow the network of footpaths and cycle paths serving the parishes.

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If we have missed something or got something wrong, please let us know. Add a comment in the box below or email the report author. Our aim is to create a strong evidence base to underpin the final Neighbourhood Plan document.

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