Our Neighbourhood Plan must be based on the views of the people who live and work in our parish.

Without your input the project cannot succeed. We will invite your opinions at various stages of preparing our Neighbourhood Plan leading up to a parish referendum on the final version. The Neighbourhood Plan must be approved by public vote before it can come into effect.

We need to hear your views so that the Neighbourhood Plan can strongly represent local views. Below are details of our community engagement starting with the most recent, our current consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan – April/May 2019

As part of the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, the Parish Council undertook a six week Pre-Submission Consultation on the draft Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Parishes Neighbourhood Plan. The consultation closed on 19 May 2019.

To announce the consultation, postcard flyers were delivered to every home and business. Posters were displayed on parish noticeboards. Articles were included in the April and May editions of the Parish Magazine. An e-newsletter went to subscribers. Messages were posted on social media.

Read the comments made on the draft Neighbourhood Plan (Spring 2019) and Parish Council responses


3 community exhibitions took place over the 6 week consultation period. Banners advertising the events were also placed at strategic locations from 2 weeks before each exhibition. Details of the events featured in a local magazine delivered free to every home in our parishes.

Other consultees

In addition to residents and local businesses, the Parish Council invited feedback on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan from 78 statutory and non-statutory consultees. These included Ashford Borough Council, Natural England, the Environment Agency, Historic England, neighbouring parish councils, Residents’ Associations and local landowners.


Neighbourhood Plan survey – March/April 2016

In March-April 2016, we held a Neighbourhood Plan survey so that we could ensure that our Plan is based on a proper understanding of the views, wants and needs of local people and businesses. Our volunteers delivered a survey form to every home and business in our parishes. Residents were asked to fill in the survey by 17 April 2016. We asked for responses from all ages.

See a copy of the survey form.

The survey could be completed on paper or online. A telephone helpline was set up for anyone needing assistance to complete the survey. Our volunteers called at homes and businesses between 18-23 April 2016 to collect the paper copies of the survey.

We asked you to tell us how you think our community should change and grow up to 2030. You were asked to give your opinions on a set of draft objectives for our Neighbourhood Plan, developed from our earlier consultation with residents.


The survey could be completed on paper or online. Responses were anonymous. We received 482 completed survey forms, equivalent to 46% of households in our parishes. We are a community that cares about the future development of our area.

We received a good representation of views from all parts of our parishes and from all ages. The majority of the responses came from residents who have lived in our parishes for more than 5 years.

Survey findings

The survey responses were independently analysed by planning and regeneration consultancy, People and Places Partnership. There was a great deal of consensus in the survey results which gave us a clear direction for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Follow up events

In July 2016 we held 3 community feedback events to present the key findings of the survey. Invitations went to every household.

Iron Room, Boughton  Aluph Saturday 23 July 2016, 11.00am to 1.00pm
Sandyacres, Sandyhurst Lane Sunday 24 July 2016, 11.00am to 1.30pm
Goat Lees Community Hall Saturday 30 July 2016, 11.00am to 1.00pm

We have written a draft Neighbourhood Plan based on the survey results. This will go through various stages of public consultation and independent examination.


Discovery – September 2015

As a starting point to preparing the Neighbourhood Plan, we held 4  community consultation events in September 2015 at which we asked you to consider the following questions as part of a discussion of local issues and the potential development sites in our parishes.

  • what is good about our area?
  • what is bad about our area?
  • what makes our parish good to live and/or work in?
  • what pressures affect our area now or in the future?
  • what needs to change?

A letter about the Neighbourhood Plan and the consultation events was sent to every household. Banners were displayed at strategic locations in the weeks leading up to the events. In total, 236 residents took part in the discovery phase of our community consultation.

Goat Lees Primary School Thursday 17 September 2015, 7.00pm to 9.00pm 17
Goat Lees Community Hall Friday 18 September 2015, 7.00pm to 9.00pm 9
Iron Room, Boughton Aluph Saturday 19 September 2015, 11.00am to 2.00pm 57
Sandyacres, Sandyhurst Lane Sunday 27 September 2015, 11.00am to 4.00pm 153
Total 236
Key findings

Participants were asked to add their comments to our display boards. You took up the challenge and left us with 932 post-it notes. The results of the consultation can be found here:


All ages were represented at the events.  One of the youngest contributors was 6 years of age. Another had recently celebrated his 86th birthday. There was a good representation of views from across our parishes. This map shows the postcodes of contributors. The size of the bubble indicates the relative number of people from each postcode in the parish who attended.


Thank you to everyone that took the time to take part in any of our events. We enjoyed meeting you all.  Your input and support is vital to the success of this project.

See our press releases and examples of local media coverage of our Neighbourhood Plan consultation.


Consultation statement

Consultation with the community is a legal prerequisite for producing the Neighbourhood Plan. Our Neighbourhood Plan will pass through a number of key consultation stages.

We developed a Consultation and Engagement Strategy for the Neighbourhood Plan. This enabled us to produce the Consultation Statement, a statutory part of the package of information to be submitted to the Independent Examiner.

The Consultation Statement is a document which:

  • Contains the details of the persons and bodies who were consulted about the proposed Neighbourhood Plan;
  • Explains how they were consulted;
  • Summarises the main issues and concerns raised by the persons consulted; and
  • Describes how these issues and concerns have been considered and, where relevant, addressed in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Read our Consultation Statement

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