The minutes of Steering Group meetings are available here. Click on the meeting date to open the meeting notes.

Where there are no action points arising from a meeting, there will be no meeting note.

Date of meeting
Topics covered
15 April 2015 Introduction, Project Initiation Document and initial discussion of local issues
16 April 2015 Project plan
 24 April 2015 Vision and local issues
 28 April 2015 Website and digital engagement strategy
 6 May 2015 Consultation and community engagement strategy
11 May 2015 Consultation and community engagement strategy
14 May 2015 Review project plan and risk register
17 June 2015 Planning for consultation events
21 June 2015 Resourcing of consultation events
21 July 2015 Budget, project plan, risk register, consultation events including publicity
17 August 2015 Process to engage with consultees, finalising event displays
11 September 2015 Assembly of display boards for community consultation events
21 September 2015 Review of first  consultation events, process to engage with local businesses
12 October 2015 Preliminary review of feedback from consultation events and agree next steps
26 October 2015 Meeting with consultant to discuss the process of gathering evidence
16 November 2015 Progress update on evidence gathering and consultation
7 December 2015 Review evidence, agree next steps and timetable for household questionnaire
11 January 2016 Q&A session with representatives of Wye Neighbourhood Plan
22 January 2016 Workshop to review evidence base and develop a set of draft objectives
15 February 2016 Workshop to develop Neighbourhood Plan survey #1 of 2
22 February 2016 Workshop to develop Neighbourhood Plan survey #2 of 2
2 March 2016 Sign off Neighbourhood Plan survey, agree publicity and delivery strategy
7 April 2016 Review progress of survey, consider options for analysis and feedback
9 May 2016 Site assessments, strategic environmental assessment and survey update
22 June 2016 Review of survey responses against draft objectives
28 July 2016 Review local housing needs. Agree supplementary criteria for site assessments
28 November 2016 Preliminary review of site assessments
24 January 2017 Preliminary review of site assessments
13 March 2017 Analysis of local housing need, preliminary review of site assessments
9 October 2017 Land allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan
11 January 2018 Workshop with planning consultant
8 February 2018 Draft objectives, Village Envelope, Views and Open Spaces, Eureka Park
20 March 2018 Workshop with planning consultant
23 April 2018 Workshop with planning consultant
19 September 2018 Final briefing meeting on content of draft Neighbourhood Plan
20 November 2018 To review the first draft Neighbourhood Plan

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