Ray Burrough
Martin Hopkins
Erica Lasparini
Tom Lasparini
Winston Michael

Purpose of Meeting

  • Review Website and Social Media requirements and agree what is needed going forward and explore the opportunity of Erica and Tom Lasparini assuming management of IT needs.

1. Presentation given by Erica and Tom on what is necessary to engage and inform residents and other interested parties. Attached are two slides around which discussion took place. All that was proposed is accepted and Erica and Tom were instructed to proceed.

2. A new domain name will be registered,, as this is easier to remember and quicker to find using a search engine. The cost is £10 per annum. ACTION: TL TO REGISTER IN THE NAME OF THE PC AND RECOVER COST FROM PC.

3. Present website uses WordPress, an excellent choice since it is extensively used throughout the world with easy to use options and rich functionality. This will be retained but hosted with a commercial provider and the annual cost is £80. ACTION: TL TO TRANSFER INVOICING TO PC.

4. Professional themes for WordPress considerably enhance the website through powerful and well designed features and animation. Themes can be purchased and there are a huge number to choose from. The cost of suitable themes for the NHP is around £30 – £40. ACTION: EL TO SUGGEST POSSIBLE THEMES

5. Hosting of the survey is presently provided and charged for by Survey Monkey. By adopting commercial hosting, the survey can make use of Open Source software and thus the Project will host its own survey. This not only saves cost but will open up more options than that provided by Survey Monkey. All the work done on Survey Monkey is to be retained since it can be easily ported across. ACTION: TL TO SETUP AND TRANSFER

6. The “cloud” will be used for file and asset storage since this not only provides security backup in the event of a problem with the Website / Host but also allows on the go access. Within the hosting cost of £80 is 4GB cloud storage which is more than adequate for NHP purposes. It is possible to organise the cloud into folders in the same way as can be done under Windows Explorer and with similar search facilities. ACTION: PROJECT OFFICE TO DETERMINE NAMING CONVENTIONS AND FOLDERS WITH TL

7. The Website will have a generic email address for users to send comment and behind this will be the actual email address of the person(s) to automatically receive the email. ACTION: TL / PROJECT OFFICE TO DETERMINE

8. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook is to be used as a two-way means of instant communication. Twitter messages will always carry a hashtag to the NHP website. Given the speed with which tweets disappear no action is needed regarding contentious tweets. Similarly Facebook instant moderation is thought unnecessary and providing contentious items are removed the next day there should be no problems. ACTION: EL TO SETUP WHAT IS NECESSARY

9. Marketing to email addresses is subject to data protection act and to ensure legal requirements are satisfied MailChimp service will be used. It is a free of charge service providing there are less than 12k subscribers. Given there are circa 1300 homes in the Parish it is unlikely this number will be exceeded. ACTION: TL TO SETUP

10. All comment posted will undergo post moderation because to do otherwise looses the “instant” factor and deter users from future use. ACTION: PROJECT OFFICE / EL TO DETERMINE MODERATORS

The meeting closed around 9.30pm.


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