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  1. Project Costs
  2. Project Plan Update
  3. Risk Register
  4. Action Log
  5. Event Planning
    1. Topic Boards
    2. Introduction DVD
    3. Advertising
    4. School Event
    5. Business Event
  6. AOB


  1. Project Costs

Parish Council has agreed the detail Cost Plan and the total cost of £32525. The Cost Plan includes use of Consultants in consultation and engagement strategy for events, design and drafting of questionnaire, data entry of manual returns, analysis and executive summary of questionnaire returns, finalising vision and objectives, develop draft options, review of ABC Policies, drafting NHP Policies, consultation statement, and other identified support as stated by their contract through the Expression of Interest. Note the meeting asked about specific consultation items and for the purpose of clarity the minute above includes a more comprehensive answer.

The Project Costs will be summarised for presentation on the website.

ACTION: WM to clear with PC and provide to Project Office.

  1. Project Plan Update

The Project Plan is in line with the cost plan. Although not discussed at the meeting an action already exists against WM to provide key milestone dates for publication on website as provided to ABC.

  1. Risk Register

These were briefly reviewed and the two immediate risks that need to be managed are project resourcing and turnout for the September consultation events.

  1. Action Log

RB provided an update on the review of regulation 14 and brought awareness to the possibility that ABC has the power to revoke the Neighbourhood Plan after it was adopted.

ACTION: WM to seek the advice of consultants.

 WM provided a mock-up example of a notice board fly-sheet. Members are to review and provide feedback.

ACTION: WM to forward an electronic copy. Members to determine what they would like to see on the Parish noticeboards.

  1. Topic Boards

EL gave an overview of the seven Topic Boards and how they might be displayed. The topic will be on the head board with the issues on the middle board. To the right of issues residents will record their priority using stickers and to the left residents will attach their post-it note comments. The left and right boards will be cleared so that responses are recorded by venue.

A board will be used to display the Vision statement and supporting bullet points would be similarly displayed to allow residents to add their thoughts to the right hand side of the display.

Post Meeting Note: the letter of designation from ABC must also be displayed.

Given the size of displays (A1) portrait boards are needed with dimension of 900 high and 600 wide. Eight boards will be needed for displays and 1 board for the large scale maps provided by ABC.

ACTION: WM to revise order for the above boards and notify ABC map size is to be A1.

 ACTION: Members to send their comments on the draft content of the Topic Boards to EL by 27 July.

 ACTION: EL to produce final pdf version.

 ACTION: BH to obtain quotes for printing and arrange printing once quotes approved.

 ACTION: WM to schedule meeting early September for Members to assemble display boards.

  1. Introduction Film

BH contact at Video Company is prepared to undertake. The proposal is for a two minute film that continually plays and its purpose is to introduce visitors to the Neighbourhood Plan and why they need to get involved. Cost is unknown but BH is hoping to obtain for minimal cost. Equipment to play the DVD can be provided by BH if venues do not have facility. WM stated that Goat Lees Primary School has equipment in their main hall with drop down screen.

ACTION: BH / EL to work together on storyboard and production of DVD.

ACTION: Project Office to confirm AV equipment available at each of the venues.

 An attendance Log will be maintained for each venue and on entry people asked to register. Shaping Communities (SJ) has provided a form for use that asks for Name, postcode, category, and clarification on specified categories. Additionally email address is to be captured

ACTION: WM to circulate electronic copy of consultant pro-forma.

  1. Advertising

Banners to announcement the NHP and the dates of events will be displayed at key locations around the Parish. Three sites were identified; one on Faversham Road opposite Sandyhurst Lane, the second on Trinity Road fronting Goat Lees Community Centre; and the third on the boundary fence to The Flying Horse. The banners without dates will be displayed for now but be replaced with the new banners that will announce the details of the open days.

ACTION: WM to install the one on Trinity Road.

ACTION: BH to install the one on Faversham Road.

ACTION: CB / EL to speak with the landlord of the Flying Horse, Boughton Lees.

ACTION: EL to design a variation of the existing banner to display the open days.

Parish Magazine an article will appear in the next addition of the Wye Parish Magazine which is the first in a regular monthly column on the Neighbourhood Plan

Kennington Community Forum News, the next edition is due early September and copy is required in August.

ACTION: WM to provide contact details to EL

ACTION: EL to submit article to the Editor

 Newspapers Kent Messenger (Thursday), Kent on Sunday (Sunday), Ashford Herald (Thursday) to have an article the week prior to the 17 September.

ACTION: EL to provide article for publication.

ACTION: WM to speak with his contacts on the newspapers and gain their support.

Local Radio: WM has met with a representative and the response was positive. There was talk of doing a live interview during a broadcast. RB agreed to be interviewed.

ACTION: CB and EL to draft crib sheet of key messages that give listeners the key value and benefits of the BAE Neighbourhood Plan and why residents should bother to get involved.

School Event: WM informed that he is taking part in Goat Lees School curriculum subject on Town Planning. The school is aware that they will be consulted on the NHP and WM has yet to have discussion on how their curriculum need might address the need of the NHP, a meeting on this remains to be arranged. JH requested that she has a meeting with the School and W M has offered to approach the school.

ACTION: WM to approach the school on a meeting with JH.

Business Event: Consensus that a separate event be held for Businesses in November once the outcome of the September events is known. Planning of such an event to be held post September events.

ACTION: WM to place reminder on Action Log.

ACTION: BH to compile and circulate a list of local businesses.

ACTION WM to brief employers at Eureka Business Park and leaflets for staff.

ACTION: BH to speak informally to local businesses about the NHP.

  1. AOB

Consultees: WM reported that ABC provided a list of consultees last week. ABC stated that the list includes everyone they consult on the Ashford Borough Local Plan and that a number could be ignored as they have no relevance to the Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Parish NHP area and what might be covered by the NHP. WM reported that ABC had no objection to invites being sent out to everyone since it showed an attempt to consult had taken place.

ACTION: WM to circulate the list; members to provide feedback on whom not to consult.

ACTION: CB / EL to circulate a draft letter to stakeholders informing them about the NHP, inviting them to attend the consultation events.

ACTION: Project Office to organise mailing.

 Baseline Information by JFL: see minute 24 April item 10

ACTION: WM to progress with JFL.

 Land Owners / Developers: ABC stated these should be included in the consultation events because to not do could expose the NHP during examination.

ACTION: WM to approach ABC with the details of land owners and developers so that invitations could be sent.


Meeting closed at 8.50 pm

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