Carol Bunker
Erica Lasparini
David Wrigglesworth
Ray Burrough
Winston Michael

Jennifer Lampert, Planning Consultant


Purpose of Meeting
To further refine the Topic headings and Issues List proposed by the meeting of 15th April. Agree a discussion draft of the Neighbourhood Plan overarching Vision statement. Next steps to take project plan toward its official release.

1. WM welcomed David Wrigglesworth to the meeting and introduced him to members. David was invited to attend and gauge at first hand whether he wished to contribute. WM said resident Susan Elsy had expressed interest and another engagement might have precluded her attending tonight.

2. Minutes of meetings 15th and 16th April were approved.

3. Project Plan Update

The draft suggests an end date of December 2016 however until resources and availability are nailed down for project tasks the end date is unconfirmed. The project is to be managed by risk and the Risk Register needs completing alongside the Project Plan. A Planning evening meeting is scheduled for 14 May at Sandyacres. A meeting is tentatively scheduled with Ashford Borough Council for the 15th May and the Project Plan will be presented by JL and WM. ACTION: WM to confirm arrangements and agenda for the 14 May. JL to confirm meeting with ABC.

4. A Neighbourhood Plan for Boughton Aluph, Goat Lees & Eastwell Draft Vision Statement for discussion

Below is the draft presented by Carol Bunker and Erica Lasparini for discussion. Members congratulated CL and EL on an excellent document. Some fine tuning of statements was proposed. ACTION: EL/CB to amend and re-issue.


A creative and lively, forward looking mixed community fostering wellbeing and
opportunity for all ages through sustainable, eco-efficient, high tech use of land and

Future developments should:

• Preserve the separate identities of the settlements in the parish within definite
boundaries ensuring that each has its own sense of place whilst fostering a
shared community spirit throughout the whole parish.

• Support high quality design which is consistent with best practice and which
will contribute to the wellbeing of all residents through the creation of
attractive, accessible and safe places in which to live, work and visit.

• Safeguard the character and identity of local surroundings whilst not stifling
innovation, originality or initiative.

• Be proportionate and sustainable providing facilities which are commensurate
with the local population and which do not overburden the stretched local road

• Conserve and enhance the rural setting of the parish and protect green
spaces and valued landscapes that are of particular significance and/or
demonstrably special to the local community, including recreation and play
areas. Prevent the unrestricted sprawl of built up areas into these valuable
green spaces.

• Contribute to a balanced community which is not purely residential by
attracting quality business development in the parish which offers aspirational
learning and employment opportunities for the whole community.

• Provide all residents with the essential connectivity for working, learning,
leisure and engaging with public services online through a high quality
communications infrastructure.

• Promote healthy, inclusive communities which facilitate social interaction
between different members of the community.

• Conserve and enhance the historic environment including local historic
assets. Encourage sustainable tourism.

5. Engagement needed a strap line to generate involvement and interest by the community at large and “Our Plan: Our Future” thought to be a good strap line.

6. September 2015 was thought to be a realistic project aim for the Public Open Days. Proposed dates and venues are:

  • 17 / 18 September – Goat Lees Community Hall
  • 19 September – Iron Room Boughton Lees
  • 26 September – Sandyacres Sports and Social Centre

7. A separate Open Day for the business community is planned for 23 September, a weekday evening, and possible venues to explore are the local school and Goat Lees Community Hall. Another possibility is to run events in the various business offices.


9. Expansion / detail of Issues List of 15 April

For now the List was thought to be a good starting point with the removal of “Engaging the Community at large” since this is not an issue but an operational requirement. The Issues List is as follows:

• A251 Traffic, existing and future
• Impact of proposed Lenacre Farm development on Sandyhurst Lane residents
• Northern side of Sandyhurst Lane previously seen as the boundary between urban and rural exposed to development unless designation formalised
• The affect of further developments on the character and appearance of the residential areas
• Communications infrastructure, i.e. not all parts obtain fast broadband, severely affecting home working and small businesses
• Protection for key green spaces, important views, and entrance to Goat Lees against further developments
• Continuation of the past poor design of developments and the role of the Parish Design Statement
• Maintenance of recreational spaces
• Parish development boundaries, i.e. urban versus rural
• The location of new developments, where do they go
• Past developments and their topography conducive to anti-social behaviour
• The affect of new developments on maintaining the integrity of communal areas and settlement boundaries
• Promotion of quality business development which offers aspirational, perhaps hi-tech, employment opportunities for the local community, especially the young


10. Expansion / detail of Topics List of 15 April

Below is the amended list. Bryan and Jane Hall submitted input through email and items were added where not already covered. Each Topic will need an owner and members asked to consider which topic they feel most comfortable with as this will be a point for discussion at the forthcoming meetings on 6th and 14th May. Owners will be found for uncovered Topics. The task of Owners is to lead a working party to shake out the underlying issues and prepare wall boards etc for the Open Days as well as to be on hand as “experts” to field questions from the community. ACTION: ALL, TOPIC ASSIGNMENT; WM TO FILL OPEN TOPICS WITH OWNERS.

Amended Draft Topic List

  • Baseline housing figures and policy issues (JL to action the research as indicated in the expression of interest)
  • Housing: could include:
  • provide a descriptive overview of the existing housing and the different character areas/ villages and new estates
  • research affordable housing needs and local housing need survey results
  • discuss and detail specialist provision for elderly or disadvantaged
  • describe type and tenure of housing in the villages and estates; consider HMOs (housing with multiple occupations)
  • provision of suggested sites for small scale infill/or edge of settlement development
  • Brownfield opportunites
  • Environment: could include:
    • descriptive research as to the location, character and appearance of statutory landscape character areas
    • identification of other green spaces and their role
    • village greens
    • Parish important entrances such as between Eureka Leisure Park and Business Park, and that between Eastwell Tower and Eastwell Hotel Entrance
    • Urban / Rural Continuum
    • collate details and their location about sites of scientific interest, trees and woodland the subject of tree preservation orders, hedgerow orders.
    • other descriptive ecological aspects
    • identify any sites or areas that are in need of visual improvement
  • Employment: could include:
    • descriptive details of nature and location of business, including business parks and larger companies
    • the role of small businesses
    • commercial uses including retailing
    • aspirations for working from home
    • new opportunities for the use of improved communications infrastructures
    • research and training opportunities
    • possible redevelopment opportunities for brown field sites.
    • possible reuses of existing commercial buildings such as offices and storage facilities for other uses
    • identification of sites for possible new employment use
  • Community services, leisure, culture: could include:
    • Educational and child acre needs
    • identification and location of community provision
    • assessment of needs for community services, leisure, and culture not so far provided
    • who provides the services and what are the assets
    • can the community identify new community assets
    • health requirements/community care services
    • to develop a youth and community plan
    • maintaining and possibly extending leisure facilities – golf, playing fields the running and walking loop using Lenacre and Sandyhurst lane, footpaths maintained and extended, protected wildlife area created,. Tennis facilities
  • Infrastructure : could include:
    • details of the services for Water, drainage, sewerage, roads
    • identification of shortfall of provision and current problems
    • consideration of possible future problems of capacity if certain projects develop.
  • Traffic and transport: could include:
    • Details of current traffic pressures, capacity for existing roads
    • transport infrastructure now
    • transport infrastructure perceived for the future and to meet emerging development needs
    • assessment of public transport provision now and perceived needs for the future
    • improvements and expansion of footpath and cycleway networks.
    • difficulties accessing the A251 from the towers end of Sandyhurst lane, (this will be compounded with further buildings along the lane)
    • there seems to be an increase in lorry taffic along the A 251 and Trinity road and this is of concern in terms of safety, pollution and road access in a residential area as well as exiting from Sandyhurst lane
    • parking along this section of Sandyhurst when schools come out is a major hazard, especially when turning into the lane
    • no pavements along Sandyhurst after Sandyacres – this is a major hazard for pedestrians, especially school children walking to school.
    • No public transport along Sandyhurst or Lenacre street, (difficulties for older people with no transport of their own).
    • problem of flooding along both Sanyhurst and Lenacre street (again this would be made worst with further buildings). Main flood areas are: near the sand pit, road dip 100m before entrance to Sandyacres, 2nd bend in Lenacre street after houses end.
    • problems with speeding of motor bikes and off road vehicles along Lenacre street
    • extra lighting along Sandyhurst lane or Lenacre street as this would affect the rural nature of these areas and possibly impact on wildlife in the area.
  • Connectivity, digital age: could include:
    • assessment of current demand and provision to meet those needs
    • the improvement to superfast broadband and telephone technology
  • Heritage: could include:
    • understanding of the natural and built heritage of the parish,
    • identify and record the role conservation areas and listed buildings play in the character of the area.
    • details of natural heritage
    • develop policies for the protection and improvement of these heritage assets that may be site specific and in addition to the existing policies of the Council

Meeting closed around 9pm.

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