Carol Bunker
Jane Hall
Ray Burrough
Winston Michael

Jennifer Lampert, Planning Consultant

Purpose of Meeting

  • Project Plan Stage Boundaries, rough timelines, and resourcing.
  • Discussion on NHP Topics and their management.

1. WM presented the first draft of the Project Plan created from the details provided by consultants on spreadsheets. The plan also included work already carried out.

2. A detail review took place on the stage boundaries and rough timelines for each discussed and broadly agreed.

3. The key milestone dates planned are:

  • June – August 2016 ABC Submission / Publication
  • September – October 2016 Independent Examination
  • November – December 2016 Referendum and Adoption

4. The Project Plan produced by WM is the adopted format and will be used as the primary document throughout the project

5. The Project Plan will be updated with the broad timescales agreed. This will be the starting point for determining the actual dates for plan tasks and assigning resource. The “first version” is planned for release following the 6th May consultation workshop. ACTION: WM to update Project Plan with dates and release for a further meeting.

6. Consultant Jenny Lampert went over the topic headings from the previous meeting to clarify what is needed for the identification and affective management of topics. This will be the subject of the meeting planned for 24 April.

7. The Logo for the Neighbourhood Plan was presented and the efforts of those involved praised for a great design. The Goat Lees community is to be named alongside Boughton Aluph and Eastwell.

8. The launch of a full planning meeting was discussed and the 15 May mooted.

9. The Project Plan will be accessible by all members of the Project Team in read-only format as will all other approved documents.

10. Winston Michael was asked to acquire large scale maps for the public consultation to cover agricultural land designations, footpaths, and land designations, e.g. AONB.

Meeting closed around 4.30pm.


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