Carol Bunker
Erica Lasparini
Jane Hall
Ray Burrough
Winston Michael

Sue Jobbins, Consultant


Purpose of Meeting

  • Consultation and engagement strategy and programme.

1. Parish Plans capture a broader need whereas the Neighbourhood Plans principally addresses developments and related matters

2. The Local Housing Needs Survey carried out by consultants on behalf of the Parish Council asked householders whether they had a need for family members wanting to stay in the area but unable to afford. This is for development of no more than 10 dwellings strictly allocated to those that qualify. This housing need should not be confused with what is known as affordable and social housing. The consultation ended 17 April and results are awaited. ACTION: WM forward SJ the survey questions / re-ask the question at Open Days,

3. Ashford Borough Council (ABC) “Call for sites”, given the time taken since first calling are they still relevant. ACTION: WM to ask ABC at meeting on 15 May / Open days ask residents for sites to accommodate 1 to 10 houses.

4. NHP Website, publish sustainability criteria for development land. ACTION: WM to obtain details

5. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Policy gives the community 25% of all development monies.

6. Past consultation activities a great exercise in information gathering for use by the Project.

7. NHP can influence housing areas, gives protection for areas, provides a shared vision, state where developments go, state where renewable energy goes, need for schools and where they should be. NHP Policies take precedence over ABC Local Plan providing they are non strategic.

8. NHP should test the boundaries of the ABC Local Plan.

9. NHP Consultation has statutory and non statutory processes.

10. Very important to engage all sections of the community and as much of the community as reasonably possible.

11. Project documentary evidence should be maintained in both hardcopy and electronic. ACTION: WM / Project Office to confirm process as a balance and check.

12. Transparency must exist at all times and communication methods employed to take cognisance.

13. Verify that LPA will not move to Public Consultation unless they approve. ACTION: WM to take up at Meeting on 15 May.

14. Royal Town Planning Institute planning aid might offer a pre-health check pre submission. ACTION: WM to seek ABC view on 15 May.

15. Project requires resource beyond that available from the Project Core Team and a call for volunteers should be done as soon as possible. Job specifications / skills required / time required needs to be compiled. ACTION: Meeting 11th and 14th May to clarify volunteer requirements to fulfil identified tasks in Project Plan.

16. Whilst the Project Initiation Document says it all, for public consumption a simple Terms of Reference needs drafting. ACTION: WM to organise.

17. The Launch events should maintain an Attendance Log as a record of attendees; stating where they reside (postcode) and their circumstance such as live in parish or work in parish. How this is information is captured needs careful management. Suggested form provided.

18. The Launch events will maintain a log of issues / options raised by attendees together with the personal details if direct feedback is required. The document will track how the project dealt with an issue, providing a response / answer against each issue raised.

19. Options will be drafted from consultation events (suggested form provided by Shaping Communities) for further consultation before options and issues are finalised and policies drafted to support them

20. Ensure statutory bodies such as Police and Highways are invited to all consultation events.

21. NHP Regulation (General) 2012. ACTION: RB to review and advise.

22. Publicise the process to follow for consultation events. ACTION: SJ to draft consultation and engagement strategy.

23. Create list of stakeholders to invite to consultation events. List of businesses may be obtained from ABC, Chamber of Commerce. ACTION: BH to establish business stakeholders, SJ to provide list of other stakeholders.

24. Invite media to launch, such as KE, Ashford Herald, Kent on Sunday. Undertake local radio station interviews. ACTION: Parish Council to undertake.

25. Ensure regular updates are fed to media and events are published well in advance. ACTION Parish Council to undertake.

26. Consider NHP Newsletter bi-monthly or quarterly. ACTION: Project Office to undertake.

27. Look to Window on Winston and Resident Association communication to also carry NHP updates and event publicising. ACTION: Project Office to undertake.

28. Target Website up and running by mid June to coincide with the Fayre at Boughton Lees. Facebook and Twitter by September to coincide with Launch Events. Boughton Astley cited by SJ as a good example of a NHP website. ACTION: EL.

29. Other possible vehicles for exposure are Parish Council Notice Boards, local Schools, doctors, library (Ashford Gateway and mobile), village halls and community centres, local sports clubs, and shops / pubs. ACTION: Project Office.

30. Extend invitation to LPA for Launch and Options Consultation event. ACTION: Project Office.

31. Confirm the number of Launch Events; the what, where, and when. Determine whether any bespoke Launch Event is needed. ACTION: Core Project Team.

32. Where contentious issues are raised consider holding special surgeries to gain consensus on proposed outcome. ACTION: Core Project Team.

33. Use as much graphical display as possible at events; a picture paints a thousand words.

34. To make consultation inclusive as possible consider posting out / canvassing the hardest to reach for consultation but be conscious that safety of canvassers is a primary consideration

35. Schools outside of the Parish Boundary might be a Consultee as many children in the Parish attend Towers etc.

36. Part 2 of this meeting is scheduled for 12noon to 2pm Monday 11th May at Sandyacres.

Meeting closed around 2.30pm.


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