Bryan Hall
Carol Bunker
Chris Lord
Erica Lasparini
John Waddington
Ray Burrough
Winston Michael

Jennifer Lampert, Planning Consultant
Sue Jobbins, Consultant

Purpose of Meeting

  • Recap of Project / Review of Project Initiation Document
  • Discussion on community issues to put as topics for the Neighbourhood Plan
  • Discussion on the vision of the Neighbourhood Plan
  • Translation of vision and issues into the Neighbourhood Plan

1. Meeting opened by reminding itself of the process to be followed to bring about an adopted Neighbourhood Plan. The road map was presented to identify where work to date fits in within the process. While great work had been done on a draft survey questionnaire further work was necessary before it could be signed off and brought before the community.

2. In line with good practise and PRINCE2 methodology the Project Initiation Document (PID) was reviewed. This document sets out what the project is all about, its management, key players and responsibilities, the conduct of the project as it works its way through to delivering a Neighbourhood Plan, and the necessary controls to ensure quality is built into every process so as to give a smooth passage to adoption.

3. The objective of the meeting was to:

  • Conduct a first pass on issues of concern
  • List the topics to provide the evidence base
  • Expansion of vision
  • Expectations of the Group on the role of consultants

4. Sue Jobbins, the consultant advising the Project Team on what is required for consultation and engagement with the community gave a brief outline of the Agenda for a meeting. A short discussion took place and a meeting date of 6 May agreed for this Agenda. ACTION: Winston Michael to organise venue and notices to attendees.

5. Sue Jobbins to forward her terms and conditions in relation to her engagement. The financial and operational considerations are in accord with the Expression of Interest agreed with Jennifer Lampert Associates Limited, the lead consultant for the overall consultancy contract. ACTION: Sue Jobbins, consultant

6. Sue Jobbins provided details of grant funding to the Parish Council and her cost to make and submit an application. She is awaiting instruction and Winston Michael asked to take forward with the Parish Council. ACTION: Winston Michael.

7. Discussion took place on the Parish issues at the end of which attendees listed as a first pass their knowledge to date. These were documented on the flipchart and it was agreed a fuller discussion is necessary and a meeting scheduled for 24 April. ACTION: Winston Michael to organise venue.

8. The issues listed will be discussed at the proposed meeting with Jennifer Lampert on 24th April as well as contributing information to the meeting with Sue Jobbins on the 6th May.

  • A251 Traffic, existing and future
  • Impact of proposed Lenacre Farm development on Sandyhurst Lane residents
  • Northern side of Sandyhurst Lane previously seen as the boundary between urban and rural exposed to development unless designation formalised
  • The affect of further developments on the character and appearance of the residential areas
  • Communications infrastructure, i.e. not all parts obtain fast broadband, severely affecting home working and small businesses
  • Protection for key green spaces, important views, and entrance to Goat Lees against further developments
  • Continuation of the past poor design of developments and the role of the Parish Design Statement
  • Maintenance of recreational spaces
  • Parish development boundaries, i.e. urban versus rural
  • The location of new developments, where do they go
  • Past developments and their topography conducive to anti-social behaviour
  • Engaging the Community at large
  • The affect of new developments on maintaining the integrity of communal areas and settlement boundaries
  • Promotion of quality business development which offers aspirational, perhaps hi-tech, employment opportunities for the local community, especially the young

9. Discussion took place on possible topics that the proposed Neighbourhood Plan should address. It was proposed that a topic should be assigned to a Project Team member to work since this would benefit the open sessions planned with the community. A short discussion took place on the topic Baseline and Policy and it was agreed that this is for the Consultant and part of the contract. The discussion here will be expanded at the session planned for 24 April to expand on issues. For now, Topics identified were:

  • Baseline and Policy (Jennifer Lampert)
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Environment
  • Leisure, Culture, and Community Services
  • Infrastructure, for example water, drainage. sewerage, roads
  • Traffic and Transport
  • Connectivity, digital age
  • Heritage

10. The launch of the planning meeting was discussed and the 15 May muted and this is to be further discussed since it needs to fit in with the Project Plan which is being reviewed on Thursday 16 April.

11. Winston Michael was asked to acquire large scale maps for the public consultation to cover agricultural land designations, footpaths, and land designations, e.g. AONB.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.



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