Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Neighbourhood Plan

Project Steering Group Meeting

17th August 2015 at 7.00pm




Carol Bunker (CB)

Erica Lasparini (EL)

Bryan Hall (BH)

Jane Hall (JH)

Fiona Miller (FM) Minutes

Ray Burrough (RB) Chair

Chris Lord (CL)



# Detail/Actions
1 Process to engage with consultees


















List of consultees

RB noted that the list of consultees had been previously circulated to all members of the project team.  He noted that he had not received any feedback on his proposals and had therefore submitted the list to Ashford Borough Council (ABC).

CL noted that HS1 should also be added to the list.

Action :- RB to update the list with ABC.


Developers in the Parish

RB confirmed that he had asked ABC for full contact details of all developers operating in/near to the parish.

JH queried that this would just establish those developers for submitted sites and could potentially miss a developer such as Bates. The consensus was that he may be the landowner for Rook Toll, land near the Towers school and near Lenacre wood.

Action :- CB will investigate and report back to the project team.


Businesses in the Parish

BH noted that he was looking to create a list of businesses operating in the Parish via the freedom of information request that he lodged at the end of July 2015.  He noted that a reply was due within 20 days of the request.

Action:- EL to supply BH with the list of parish postcodes to help him create the list of businesses in the parish.


Process to engage with consultees

RB suggested that in addition to holding meetings for the residents of the parish that we should hold :-

–    business/developers meeting

–    other interested parties meeting

CB felt that we may not obtain sufficient numbers to warrant holding separate meetings for other interested parties.


EL felt that at this stage the group was not yet ready to deal with businesses/developers/landowners and suggested that we would understand more once the residents meetings had taken place.

Action:- Agreed separate meeting for business/developers/landowners and residents meeting letter to go out as soon as possible.

2. Planning for September 2015 Open days



























































Placement of banners

The banners for the open days were viewed by the team with the group being very pleased with the results.

It was agreed that the banners should be put up on 28th August.

Action:- Put up the banners on 28th August


Sandwich Board

CB made the suggestion that a sandwich board is purchased to be located at Eureka Park outside the One Stop shop advertising the NHP and Open day meetings.

The group thought that this was a good idea, especially during the week to catch office workers.

CB circulated a suggested draft which could be A5 size as a flyer and to go on notice boards and A1 size to go on the sandwich board.  The group felt that to capture interest a more controversial content was needed.

RB authorised purchase under his delegated power for the purchase of a sandwich board and printing.

Action: CB to purchase the sandwich board at a cost of apx £130 and to arrange for printing of A1/flyer at a cost of apx £100.

 Action:- All to send suggestions to JH to prepare an updated draft for a flyer/sandwich board.



EL updated the meeting on the publicity for the consultation events that she has been organising:-

–    A second newsletter had been sent out.  The third will go out in early September.

–    Contributions had been submitted to the Parish Magazine, Kennington News and The Village Directory.

–    Details of the events have been added to the PC website.

–    Briefings will be sent to the Residents Association for their websites.

–    Press releases will be provided to all the local papers for publication in early September

–    A ministerial quote has been requested from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

–    The PC will be sending a letter to all households

The group approved the following drafts presented by EL:-

–    Copy for the display boards

–    Draft vision statement

EL noted that she was progressing the creation of the film which Max Philo of Modus Films had agreed to do.

EL noted that she would be looking for volunteers among the steering group to take part in the film.  It was agreed that a mix of people (young and old) was required.

The Group agreed EL suggestion that she organise the printing of business cards to publicise the NP.

RB authorised the purchase of the business cards under his delegated power.

Action:- EL to organise the printing of business cards.


Q&A Briefing

CB noted that she was putting together a Q&A briefing for the team to use during the open meetings with residents.

EL suggested that a defensive briefing would be useful to counter any negativity that may be received.

Action:- CB/EL to prepare a defensive briefing.










Open Day Attendance sheet

It was agreed that the attendance sheet provided should be amended to include email addresses and road names.


 Rehearsal for Open Days

CL suggested, and the group agreed, that we should rehearse the Open Days at the next meeting on 11th September to ensure that we are able to answer difficult questions.


Business on Eureka Park

BH to see if he could get a business on Eureka Park interested in holding a consultation meeting.

3. Review of Action log
  It was agreed that the Action Log was difficult to review in its current format.
4. Any other business





Engagement with Primary school

JH noted that unfortunately she had received no response from the Goats Lees Primary school Head. She was encouraged to follow up on her email.


Minutes for future meetings

It was agreed that it would be helpful if FM were to take the minutes of future meetings though FM noted that she would be on holiday for the next meeting.



The meeting closed at 8.30pm


Date of next meeting:- 11th September 2015 at 7.00pm, Sandyacres

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